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The method is quite easy, you just have to register using Google Plus on the widget that we provide.

However, you need to know some things if you want to join as a writer at parforufam.com, including:

  1. Registered on the website parforufam.com
  2. The article written has a minimum of 700 words
  3. Articles written have never been published on other websites
  4. Articles written to parfforufam.com rights
  5. Each author has responsibility for his writing and frees parforufam.com from all claims.
  6. Each article that is written only includes 1 active link, if you want more please send another article.
  7. Articles submitted are not always approved by Parforufam.com
  8. Each article has at least 1 supporting image

Please join us and become a big family from parforufam.com